Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Zydeco Louisiana Diner - Oh, yeah!

We temporarily interrupt our Dannielle the Golden Eagle picture-ama to talk about lunch...

Jennifer (click here for her new fabulous blog) and I had lunch today at the Zydeco Louisiana Diner on Crockett Street (click here for previous blog post). It was fantastic.

I had the Wednesday plate lunch of Chicken Fricasse and, as you can see above, accessorized with stewed okra and tomatoes and corn maque choux (pronounced mock shoo, by the way...Cory). The above picture doesn't do it justice. It was delicious.

I also bought some homemade bread pudding for "later" and had a glass of their "real" strawberry lemonade. The lemonade was fantastic and "later" for the bread pudding turned out to be about five minutes after I got back to the office. I poured the provided sauce over the pudding, put it in the microwave for about 15 seconds and...oh momma...that's some good stuff.

So, grab your co-workers or some people you like and go there. Soon.

Edited to add:
I forgot to mention that the daily specials are served cafeteria style which is perfect for a quick lunch. They also have a huge patio, so you can even eat outside.


Jennifer said...

lunch was AWESOME!!!! I had baked chicken and it was YYUUUMMMMMM and the peopele were all so nice!!! Lets go back SOON!!!!

Just a Plane Ride Away said...


Anonymous said...

I need to move back. That looks de-lish! EEB

LoryKC said...

(I'm WAY to far to drive down for lunch!) ;(
Looks great! Go back soon and have some for me, K?