Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Conway, Arkansas...weird

Conway is a small town in Arkansas just north of Little Rock. There is no reason in the world that I should have ever heard of Conway, Arkansas, yet three of my favorite things are associated with Conway...
  1. One of my favorite singer/songwriters Hayes Carll went to college there and speaks of it often during his shows.
  2. Last year's American Idol, Kris Allen, is from Conway.
  3. My nephew started college there this year.

Isn't that weird? I think that's weird.


Lorna said...

Not scarily weird, just sllilghtly weird. Actually, Conway is a strange (weird) name for a town.

Mark LeBlanc said...

Coway Twitty took his first name from this town and second name from Twitty, Texas. That's the only reason I've heard of it. BTW, Laurie, our paths crossed many times although we never knew each other well. I have fond memories of Red and his kindness.