Wednesday, October 14, 2009

This and That

Cool New Beaumont Events Website
Click here for a great new website for Beaumont events. It's called

Connect the Dots
The name of the above website (CtheDs) stands for "connect the dots," which reminded me of how much I used to love doing "connect the dots" or "dot-to-dot" puzzles when I was a kid.

Can Catchers and Channel Changers
Thinking about "dot-to-dot" puzzles reminded me of a conversation I had with someone a couple of days ago. When we were kids, my brother, sisters and I used to fight for the "privilege" of being the can-catcher or the channel-changer.

What was a can-catcher you ask? A can-catcher was the person who would grab the cans in the grocery store as directed by mom and/or dad. Tough work, but somebody had to do it. I suspect this little job duty was created during one of mom's four pregnancies. Plus, having four children with an age range of only six years, mom had to come up with creative ways to keep us (well, Terry and Stuart) from running amuck in the store.

What was a channel-changer? In the olden days, there were no remote control devices for television sets or for anything else, for that matter. Every night, we took turns being the channel-changer. Mom or dad would tell us to either change the channel or raise or lower the volume or bang the side of the set when the picture got fuzzy. There were also the occasional vertical hold or "turn the big knob" issues to be dealt with.

Our parents also somehow convinced us that folding towels, dusting the furniture, washing the car or gathering coat hangers were fun activities. They constantly used the old Tom Sawyer trick on us and we never knew. Sneaky!


Lorna said...

Ah, the development of the remote just ruined life for some people

Kara said...

Once the twins (my god kids) were staying the night and we "played in the water" aka wash Nanny's truck, do u know to this day they still ask to wash my truck... I've trained them well ;)

Lina-solopoesie said...

I posted this beautiful story in my blog
Since you're not coming, I'll
ugal read because I find it very beautiful.
Hello Lina bacioni ..
(Time of fables)


still laughing .. bloated their success ...
But they had not reckoned with the
Humility .... that lady walked hand in hand with his
wife, Mr. .... Compared ...

Approaching them, pain and suffering a thrill
strong along the spine fin above Bindu .. an incredible shock to all who wanted to penetrate the walls of his strength despite
Ice erected by them in their own defense ...
Love animals' ... so 'Hope ... joined
fecerono ...... and love in a dance of the Soul that gave birth to a new Heart and enormous that it releases billions of small seeds made of white light .....
The whole world was invaded it
Fully ... so also suffering and pain turned into Collaboration and Peer-listening ...
Love and Hope were flying high in the sky and all
Lapis hours fell on the new heart and new mind completely renovated.
Life is made of tears and smiles, but when you can split
with Love your tears ... then we discover our true reason for being.

Now pain and suffering no longer frighten '... because they were open ears and arms of the World ...

........... HUMANITY '.

Lina-solopoesie said...

Grazie di essere passata da me
Un saluto dalla mia bella Italia