Saturday, August 29, 2009

Dad Update - The Roller Coaster Continues

We got to the hospital early this morning and knocked on the doors to ICU to find out if dad had been taken back for his procedure, yet, to have his drain/flush tube reinserted. We were greeted by our nurse who told us that the procedure would not take place.

We went back and spoke to the doctor who told us that dad's biliary ducts are not dilated enough at this time to reinsert the tube. Ironically, his bile levels have to increase in order to be able to insert the tube. However, we don't want the bile levels to rise because that means there is a blockage which will result in jaundice and jaundice is bad.

There are a couple of possible scenarios. The bile ducts could dilate and begin functioning normally (unlikely, but we have lots of prayer armies out there) or the bile ducts could become blocked again which would cause jaundice and also dilate the ducts enough to insert the drain tube so that the bile could drain outside his body.

Another problem is the fact that there is only one radiologist in Beaumont who can perform the tube reinsertion, so timing of any jaundice and tube reinsertion procedure is heavily dependent on the availability of the radiologist. If the radiologist is not available in Beaumont when the procedure needs to be done, mom and dad will have to go back to Houston. I hate even typing those words.

So, right now he is in a regular room, no more ICU, which is a one thousand percent improvement. Love and prayers to all of the wonderful people who are still in that ICU waiting room keeping vigil over their loved ones.

There will be a physical therapy consult and efforts to strengthen dad enough to begin chemo. The hope is that the chemo will stabilize the liver and bile ducts and everything will open up and drain like it's supposed to.

His potassium levels are slightly low, but his appetite is much better than it was yesterday and he is in a very talkative mood. We're all still a bit weepy off and on, because dad is sad and we're all worn out physically, mentally and emotionally. However, this too shall pass and for right now, things are good and there's also lots of laughter with dad telling jokes and explaining magic tricks to the doctors and nurses. He's a pretty entertaining fellow.


Susan in St. Paul said...

I am so glad he is in a regular room and you guys can be with him.

Eating and laughing sounds very good.

Sending encouraging healing thoughts to those bile ducts.

Just a Plane Ride Away said...

Yay for the regular room! Hope this week is a good one for your dad, Laurie. XO

Lorna said...

You're all in my thoughts and prayers. I know I wrote that already but it continues to be true. XX, Lorna

Rebecca Hickman said...

Hang in there. I'm so glad that he is feeling stronger.

Laurie said...

Thanks, everybody.