Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Dad Update and a Weird Beatles-ish blog post

Dad Update
Dad is still in the hospital in Houston. He ran a temperature of 101 this afternoon which I say is a good thing, because his temperature was normal all morning and we don't want him coming home until they figure out what is causing the fever. Dad agrees. The doctors agree. We all agree. Mom said the room he is in this time has a more comfortable "bed" for her and an HD television. I guess after you spend so much time there, you get a room upgrade. (That's not true...the upgrade the way. That's just "in Laurie's brain.")

The Weird Beatles-ish Blog Post
A few months back, I did a blog post about the fact that I cashed in all the coins I had been saving and ended up with $184.31. By putting all that money on an gift card at the CoinStar machine, I avoided any fees which are usually about 8 percent.

So, tonight I finally went Amazon shopping and Happy Birthday to Me shopping. I put some things in my cart and wasn't really paying attention to the cost and was going to delete whatever was over the $184-ish amount.

I put this in the cart because I heard it on NPR the other night and thought it was cool...

I put this in my cart because I know I'll never spend $100 on something so frivolous unless it's for my birthday or from "free money" like coins that had been sitting in my closet for five years...and it was on sale...
I put this in my cart because I...MUST...OWN...IT...

The Weird Part
I've done previous posts about my weird connection with Beatles things. (Click here and here.) Several years ago, Cory and Jamie bought me a book about The Beatles that I've never gotten around to reading. Two days ago, I picked up the book to start reading it. One day ago, VH1 Classics had a Beatles Day in conjunction with the 40th anniversary of taking of the picture for the Abbey Road album cover.

Tonight I set out to spend $184.31.

Want to know what my completely random total was for the three items in my cart?


Pretty darn close.



TBM said...

Sure hope your Dad feels better soon and they figure out what's causing his fever. At least he has a nice room and your mom has a more comfy place to sleep.

Good shopping, you! I didn't know you could put your coinstar money on an amazon gift card. What a great idea.

Susan in St. Paul said...

I hope they figure out your dad's fever soon.

Great job shopping!