Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Dad Update, Ghost Hunters and Rock Band

Dad Update
Dad ran fever again last night and today. Mom's meeting with the doctors and the patient liaison tomorrow. She's hoping they'll either put an oncologist on his care or send him home so he can restart his chemo. It the fever is caused by the lymphoma, we're hoping he can come home soon and begin treatment again.

Ghost Hunters
New Ghost Hunters tonight. Can't wait.

Rock Band
My Rock Band 2 came in tonight. I can use my Guitar Hero III guitar with it, by the way. The Rock Band guitar looks very cool, but wasn't in the mood to put everything together tonight. So, I tried with my Guitar Hero guitar and it worked fine. So far, I like the Guitar Hero graphics better, but the actual "playing" seems more intuitive to me on Rock Band than on Guitar Hero. Can't wait to play with a whole "band."

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Steve said...

I want to be in your band!