Tuesday, September 02, 2008

What Would Hank Hill Listen To?

Sometimes when I'm feeling especially Texas-y, I listen to KSHN 99.9 out of Liberty County. Though you would expect country music on a rural Texas radio station, they play a wide variety of music including a lot of soft classic rock (Boston, Kansas, Steely Dan, etc.).

The part Hank Hill would like are the very local news reports (including local obituaries, farm equipment thievery, church news...), the fact that all of the announcers have a pleasant East Texas accent, extensive coverage of the local high school football games and the farm reports.

I think Hank and Peggy would love it.

(Right now, they constantly promote the Trinity Valley Exposition Fair. I'm pretty sure Hank and Peggy would be attending.)


Anonymous said...

Baby sis:
My and my ex used to hang out with the Ag teacher and his wife. Their rodeo at the fair is great. The last time we went they were starting to bring in the winning animals of kids show. The let a bull get a little to close to the cow in front. Animals that size are extremely too hard to control. This big ass bull trying to mount that cow cause a HUGE rucous. Knocking people over. Luckly my ex was a big guy because I'm no tinker bell. He was able to grab me and jump on top of a shoe shine chair. When they finally calmed everything down and we were in our seats it was pretty funny. The kids and their animals started coming in and there was a LARGE space between the cows and the animals that followed. Kind of scary at the time.

Lorna said...

Ha! Caught up and barely a drop of Japanese or hurricane water on me. And if Hank Hill had a shred of decency, he would listen to Shanna and the Hawk, who I think can be found on CD Baby

Steve said...

I always imagined Hank and Peggy as my target audience when I lived in Leesville, Louisiana and worked at KJAE. I was the occasional host of the midday program we called the Swap Shop. It was like a garage sale on radio. People would call in with stuff they wanted to sell and we had the top ratings in Leesville, Alexandria, Jasper and several other towns with redneck bargain hunters buying everything from antique John Deere's to fresh duck eggs. Dang, those fresh duck eggs make the best western omelet in Arlen!

Susan in St. Paul said...

Sounds more fun than living in Lake Wobegon, LOL!

Baby sis: very scary!

Barrie said...

Have I ever mentioned how much I love your header? Because I do!

Laurie said...

Baby Sis - I don't know if I remember that story!

Lorna - I'll check that out. :)

Steve - Sounds interesting!

Susan - Lake Wobegon is fun, too. :)

Barrie - Aw, thanks!!

solopoesie said...

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Laurie said...

Solo Poesie - Ciao!