Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Local Music Blog

Here's a good local blog (click here) to help you keep up with the live music in our area. Now, step away from your computer and go do something!! Take a walk. See a show. Join a band. Hell, form a band.

Whew, that was exhausting. I need to lay down. Where's the remote?


Steve said...

I went to college with Brent. We wrote for the distinguished Lamar University Press. It's nice to see that the sarcastic bastard is still lurking around. Anyway, on the subject of local live music, this Saturday at the Rockin' A Cafe it's Slow Rollin' Lows Summer Fest. A 12 hour ass kickin' session of the finest Texas Country around. The show starts at 2 PM and will feature 8 full band sets and 7 acoustic sets. Full bands include ADAM HOOD, Rich O'Toole, Slow Rollin' Lows, Texas Renegade, The Captain Legendary Band, The Jamie Talbert Band, Rodney Parker and Fifty Peso Reward, and Ben Morris and the Great American Boxcar Chorus. Acoustic acts include Larena Rhae, Andrea Marie, Scott Matthews, Donny Waits, Spencer Marks, Kene Terry and Matt Deaton. You won't want to miss this show! At least I won't.

Laurie said...

That sounds great. I've seen Adams Hood and he was very good...cute, too...if memory serves.

Can't make it Saturday though. By the way, this is the first I've heard about this. Once again, not enough advertisement. I really have to get my cable television station going.

Larry Jones said...

As an aging rocker who refuses to put away his boogie shoes, I appreciate your efforts to get people goin'. It's easier than ever to stay home - work in the morning, big-screen TV's, access to a billion songs and videos online, etc., but if we don't support the guys (and girls) who make the music in the first place, eventually all we'll have left is corporate manufactured pseudo-entertainment. Besides, there's nothing like seeing (and hearing) it in person, loud and live.

Rock on!

Laurie said...

Larry - If I ever make it to California, your band will be the top of my schedule. :)