Monday, July 21, 2008

I'm really a nice person, but damn.

As you will recall from this post, I had an interesting exchange with a less than adequate office person at my optometrist's office last week. Today, I went in to pick up the contact lenses I had ordered and there was the less than adequate office person, standing right in front of me, live and in person. I would recognize that voice anywhere.

I told Barbie (not the blond Barbie, but the porn star looking Barbie with the long brown hair) why I was there and she slowly opened the drawer to look for my lenses. Then, without looking at me she said, "Wait a minute."

She then stopped a co-worker and asked the co-worker a question about a patient chart which was sitting on the counter. From the co-worker's reaction, I could tell that this wasn't the first time this chick had asked that particular question.

The chick didn't quite seem to understand the answer she was given, but soldiered on anyway. The phone rang, she answered and put the person on hold, then looked at me. "Ah, contact lenses," her blank eyes seemed to say.

She found my contacts, entered things into her computer and handed the lenses to me without speaking a word. I asked, "Don't I get a receipt or something?"

Without speaking, she looked at the papers in her hand, tore off my receipt and my copy of the invoice, handed them to me and turned away. She never spoke a word or made eye contact. She never said, "Oh, here it is," "Sorry, here's your receipt," or even "Here you go, bitch. Have a nice fucking day."

She acted like I...was bothering HER...for asking for...MY...receipt.




By the way, she never did go back to the person on the phone that she had put on hold. Big surprise.


Anonymous said...

Baby sis:

I bet she works part-time at my Sonic and that's why their computers keep going down.
God forbid that they should go out of their way to hand write "One glass ice water and an order of tots".

Steve said...

Sadly, it seems that this is becoming the rule rather than the exception. Cashiers are rude and no longer thank customers in most of the places that I shop. However, that's perfectly acceptable if they look like porn star Barbie.

Just a Plane Ride Away said...

Well, you know what they say about karma...

Laurie said...

Baby Sis - I bet you're right.

Steve - This is really the worse example of bad manners I've seen in a long time.

Just - Very true, however, this girl wouldn't know karma if it walked up and introduced itself.

Gnightgirl said...

Don't you want to scream!?

My purse set off the beepy detector thing as I was walking in to a Tuesday Morning store last week. The clerk at the desk asked to hold my purse so that I could walk back through. What is this, the airport? I flatout refused to hand over my purse, noting "I am walking IN to your store, I can't possibly have shoplifted anything!"

Abby Taylor said...

I'd say you need to call the optometrist and report Barbie's consistently troubling customer service. Unless, of course, you suspect the optometrist is sleeping with Barbie in which case you'd probably be better off just... well, doing something else.

Laurie said...

Gnight Girl - Oh, for corn sake!

Abby - I AM a casual acquaintance of the optometrist and I'm considering saying something to him. Haven't decided, yet. My main concern is that she's his daughter or something.