Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Crockett Street Rumor

Several of the venues on Crockett Street here in Beaumont are closing for 60 days and will re-open under new management or with a new lease agreement or with a new tenant/tenants or something. Those of us on the outside will never know the real reasons and I don't really care about the real reasons.

(Note to new management: Start booking decent bands at Antone's again, have a jazz happy hour EVERY DAY at the TEN martini/cigar bar and open up an after-hours diner, a brew pub and a karaoke bar and your nightlife people will be happy. If you manage it right, they will come.)

The Smoking Ban

One thing we are certain about is that the closings are not because of the smoking ban which Beaumont enacted last year. Some naysayers from the surrounding towns are enjoying saying "Ah-ha! I told you this would happen." However, according to the Beaumont Enterprise, restaurants and bars in Beaumont have not been hurt by the ban and most continue to prosper and profits have increased since the smoking ban. The bars that did go out of business "because of the smoking ban" probably didn't do enough to accomodate their smokers with lovely outside smoking facilities.

A note to those nasty negative folks from Beaumont's outlying areas who proudly say, "We never go out in Beaumont anymore since the smoking ban. Serves you right that all your bars and restaurants are closing!" Beaumont doesn't miss you and guess what. If I might join you for a moment in your insane generalizations, we folks here in Beaumont don't go to your towns anymore either where we have to sit in stinky smoke filled restaurants and bars.

The Rumor

I'm trying to start the rumor that Landry's has bought the entire Crockett Street complex (ala Kemah), but it's not catching on. Work with me people.


ms. e said...

I can't stand it when people argue that the smoking ban closes businesses. Only about 20 percent of Americans are smokers, and if the whims and vices of that 20 percent can shut down businesses, just shoot me now.

Anonymous said...

My understanding of the Crockett Street shut down is because of another lawsuit filed against them due to another fatal accident caused by intoxication. The suit was filed last week and Crockett Street announced its closing just days later. Coincidence?


Gnightgirl said...

We've been smoke-free since the beginning of the year. Smokers bitch, but the bars and restaurants are standing-room only on any night of the week.

Unfortunately, smokers are still allowed to linger around doorways, and our outdoor cafes often have a fog around them. I'll be glad when we get some sort of "50-foot from the door" rule.

American Genius said...

I don't know much about Texas other than it's like it's own country

Laurie said...

Ms. E - I'm with you sista.

Jamie - That's definitely one of the theories around the campfire.

Gnight Girl - We have a rule about doorways, but I can't remember what it is.

American Genius - You are so correct.

Steve said...

It's my understanding that Art is going to do some remodeling in the closed clubs and "hopes" to have new businesses in there soon. I hope so, too. And it would be nice if they booked some better bands, but Beaumont is, and always will be, a second tier venue. I think we should all pitch in and form a corporation to lease one of the bars. I have several years of experience doing that. And Laurie would be there with great advice. Everyone please send whatever you can afford to Laurie through PayPal and we'll all be in business in 60 days!!!!!!!

Laurie said...

Steve - Second tier bands can be great. Antone's used to book lots of them in the beginning and we always had a blast.

Regarding the bar, I already have my bar completely planned out in my head. I can't tell you about it though or I'd have to shoot you.

Just waiting for that lottery money to buy my own building. Don't want to lease from anybody.

Steve said...

I didn't mean to disparage second tier bands. You're right, many are great. They just won't pull in enough people to pay the bills at a venue on Crockett. Oh the things I could do with the Rocky's Roadhouse building, though.

Laurie said...

Steve - I didn't think you were disparaging them at all. I just disagree that the bills can't be paid by booking them. The problem is, the bills can't be paid if you only book them once every three months.

Anonymous said...

Crockett Street has always attracted a younger crowd since the days of jeff mccarson. Now they are again in trouble, the leases are sky high... and the quality of experience is not good these days. Im all for sticking it out, but throw in the towel and let someone else have a shot a revamping things again. The nick name Dixie day care has something behind it.

Laurie said...

Anonymous, I agree with you. When Crockett Street first opened, the street was full of adults (!) enjoying all the venues. Motorcycles lined the streets and the restaurants were thriving.