Friday, May 30, 2008

RIP - I thought it only came in threes

CORRECTION: Yesterday morning, one of the guys at work told me Charles Nelson Reilly died. Turns out, he was getting him confused with Harvey Korman. Ergo, Dick Martin, Sidney Pollack and Harvey Korman makes three. Thanks, Zina!

5/25/08 - Charles Nelson Reilly (Correction: 5/25/07)

5/27/08 - Dick Martin

5/28/08 - Sidney Pollack

5/29/08 - Harvey Korman


solopoesie said...


At night a radius of riluce moon on the sea,
keeper of secrets and dreams will make every thought
a treasure chest of dreams by
safeguard because tomorrow may have the scent of a delicate flower and serenity in the heart we continue our journey

on the ridge of time aware that every day, every hour, every moment is unique and that our life deserves to be lived actively at every moment that there is GRANTED ...........

A notte inoltrata un raggio di luna riluce sul mare,
custode di segreti e sogni saprà fare di ogni pensiero
uno scrigno di sogni da
salvaguardare perchè il domani possa avere il profumo di un delicato fiore e con la serenità nel cuore continuiamo il nostro viaggio

sul crinale del tempo consapevoli che ogni giorno, ogni ora, ogni attimo è unico e che la nostra Vita merita di essere vissuta attivamente in ogni istante che c'è CONCESSO...........

Laurie said...

Solopoesie - Hello!

Alyson said...

How sad. All those funny guys, gone. I love how the top pic says, "bird doodie". Nice selection! :-)

Zina said...

I was always told that the deal about the things in 3...harvey korman, charles n reilly and Dick Martin were all TV comics.
Sidney Pollack was a big shot oscar winning director/producer/actor. So his gorup still has two more to go.

Ask my mom...its her theory.

Anonymous said...

Charles Nelson Riley died in 2007. Under my mom's theory, he wouldn't get counted in this round.

Anonymous said...

Loved all these guys.

Baby Sis

Laurie said...

Alyson - Very sad. They were all great.

Cousin Zina - Thanks for the corrections (and thanks for reading every day). :)

Baby Sis - Me, too. :(