Thursday, May 30, 2013

Couch to 5k - New Plan

Years ago, in the olden days, when my 32 (!!) year old son was a toddler, I knelt down hard on a Lego.  Since that day, my right knee occasionally bothers me, but I can always figure out the problem and work around it.  I even live in a townhouse with stairs and have no problems until I try to be overly ambitious in my stride while walking the streets.  I mean, while walking the neighborhood.

However, I can't seem to work around the knee pain with this running thing and I'm far to cheap to go to a sports doctor or a really good athletic shoe store at this time.  So, due to my knee taking longer and longer between runs to stop aching and my desire to not fall down because of a weak knee while toting a grandchild or a margarita, I am putting Couch to 5k on hiatus.

Instead of Couch to 5k three days a week, I will be walking or using my glider/walker five days a week using the "free run" portion of the app throwing in short bursts of runs here and there. After my knee pain is gone and I've built up my leg muscles and maybe lost 10-ish pounds, I'll give it another go.

This is not defeat!  It is de-knee.

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