Monday, May 20, 2013

Couch to 5K - Day 1...Again - Two Bras One Girl

I'm repeating Week 1 this week, since I don't feel like I did Week 1 justice last week.  I jogged about twice as much as I did last week, so I'm glad I'm repeating.  I'm not running as much as my zombie trainer wants me to run, but he'll have to be patient.

At the recommendation of one of my runner friends, I wore two bras while running this evening:  one sport bra and one regular bra. That was a good suggestion and worked great.  When I got home, The Bazingas couldn't wait to bounce free.  Ah, sweet relief.

Today's wildlife theme for the run was gnats and cats.  Cats glared at me from a distance and gnats did their in-your-face gnatty thing at me.  Annoying.

To show you how out of character a running program is for me, my mom asked my sister why I was lying on Facebook and telling people I was running.  Thanks mom.

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Lorna said...

I love your mom. And I'm rooting for you to hang in there. I can't seem to make myself do anything other than walking---mostly to places where I can spend money, but I have been on WeightWatchers online, and lost 20 lbs over 6 weeks. There's a little too much pickiness in the program but weight loss is addictive, so I'm carrying on.