Monday, January 03, 2011

This and That


I just saw the worst network television transition in the history of awkward network television transitions on CBS.  Right after Marshall found out his dad had a heart attack and he and Lily were crying outside the bar on "How I Met Your Mother," the two new CBS morning "reporters" came on during the commercial break to talk us through our evening of Monday night hilarity and cheerfully said, "I know you're having fun now, but...yada, yada, yada."  Bad. Very bad.


When you walk into a co-worker's office and they don't hear you and they don't turn around from their computer, what do you do?  Do you walk away?  Do you say something and possibly scare them?  How long do you stand there before you take a few steps backward, make an "ahem" noise, and pretend you just walked in?


I was listening to the news and the announcer said, "Now, we'll hear from General Mills."  There's a real General Mills. I'm not sure why that pleases me.


I got unreasonably excited when I saw Derek on Grey's Anatomy shut off his clock radio and it was the same as mine. Awesome.


I saw a gecko on the wall in my living room, couldn't catch it, then went out of town for four days. The whole time I was out of town, I just kept thinking about how fat that gecko looked and wondered if it was pregnant and if I'd come back to a townhouse full of geckos. So far, no gecko takeover.



Susan in St. Paul said...

How horrible.

say hi to co workers or excuse me?

General Mills is based here in Minnesota.

Geckos are cute.

Lorna said...

I don't understand the first one---have I missed something?

As for the rest, it is SO In Laurie's Brain.

Laurie said...

I think I fixed the first one. I left out a few key points. I guess I haven't blogged in so long that I forgot how. :D

jen said...

Brian and I thought the same thing about HIMYM.

As for the gecko thing... Remember when that lizard came into my house a couple summers ago? When I googled "Lizard in the house," it said that a lizard entering the house means that someone is pregnant. Anybody knocked up over there?

Laurie said...

Jen, actually there is! Not in my actual personal house, but a close member of the family. Cool!