Saturday, January 15, 2011

Jesus is Watching You, Asshole

I was just driving home from seeing a wonderful Rolling Stones tribute band called Satisfaction, which was amazing, by the way, and I danced a lot...people really don't dance enough, you know...but that's not my point. 

My point is that as I was driving home, I came to a spot in the road where the people to my right are supposed to STOP at a stop sign...a STOP sign...before merging onto the road on which I am minding my own business and driving at the posted rate of speed.

Of course, the asshole to my right did not stop at the STOP sign and just drove right on through like he was the king of Phelan Boulevard or something.  He came nowhere near hitting me, but still.  Asshole.

Of course, he accomplished nothing by running the stop sign and ended up right in front of me at the very next stop light.  As I was sitting there staring at the back of his stupid stop-sign-running car, I noticed a Jesus fish on the back of his car. 

A Jesus fish.

On his car.  For the world to see.

Jesus is watching you.




ddupre said...

Apparently he rolls with St Christopher

Claybob said...

Funny just yesterday I was looking for sunglasses on ebay and I came across some that were used and all they wanted was 1.00. I also noticed in their wording they had said that Jesus loved me and that everyone was bessed. Right as I was about to bid on these "cheap" glasses I looked down and the shipping on these glasses was 68.99. Man I hope Jesus is watching that lady.

Laurie said...

Duane, I'm sure St. Christopher has his hands full with that one.

Clay, that's awful!

Leiah said...

Oh yes - I know exactly what part of the blvd. of which you speak. I've had more than my fair share of close calls at that spot. Seems to me the "tickemeister" should park his motorcycle there instead of stepping out from behind shrubs on Liberty causing one to scream hysterically in their car think they're having a gun pulled on them. Then again that could just be me.