Friday, April 02, 2010

Would that be considered a miracle?

The washing of the feet is part of the Catholic mass on Holy Thursday.  My mom had the honor of being chosen as one of the eight people in our parish to have their feet washed by the priest during mass.

Although my mom was immensely proud to be chosen, she was concerned about the priest seeing her toes.  Rather than pay the outrageous cost of toenail fungus medication, mom recently had two of her toenails surgically removed.  Mom isn't shy about her naked toes and even occasionally paints the toenail-less skin to fool people when she wears sandals.  However, she was concerned about the priest seeing her creepy toes up close and personal.  Someone suggested she put on fake nails, but mom decided to go au naturel and risk the embarrassment. 

As I sat in the pew tonight on this holiest of Thursdays, watching the priest gently wash my mom's feet instead of being moved by the beauty of the gesture all I could think was, "Wouldn't it be weird if her toenails grew back?"


Leiah said...

Totally just had very unladylike noises come out of my nose after reading this - too funny. Which I know is wrong to think that but it is...sorry! And I wonder why they only choose 8 instead of 12? That's different.

Laurie's Mom said...

Laurie Sorry I said 8 but there were 12. Of course to represent the 12 Apostles. I can't count. They had 2 representives from each group in the parish. I am one of the bees not the Queen. I play Handbells at Mass, clean the church and am now part of a group starting a Prayer Blanket Ministry. We will be presenting a blanket to any parishner who is ill or in a state of depression and needs out help. GEE I just hope I was not the apostle Judas. OMG

Barbara said...

Anything is possible where Christ and Easter is concerned! ;o) Good for your mama to go au-natural! Just as we are. That's how He accepts us. Beautiful Easter to you and yours.

Laurie said...

I didn't want to contradict mom, but I definitely saw more than eight people up there. :)

Happy Easter everybody!