Friday, April 09, 2010

How quickly we forget

I just pulled a frozen Swedish meatball dinner from the freezer to cook for my lunch here at the office.  I turned it over and read the cooking instructions and was appalled.

"Nine and half minutes!  That's crazy!  Dammit!!"

Has it come to this?  I'm pissed off because my Swedish meatball lunch will take a whole nine and half minutes to cook before I can eat it?  In the olden days, every frozen dinner took at least 30 minues to cook.

I also got pissed off yesterday because a lady in front of me at the grocery store had the audacity to write a check to pay for her groceries and god forbid I have to actually go into the convenience store and pay for my gas if there's a malfunction during my Pay-at-the-Pump routine.  I throw a huge tantrum in my head over that one.

Since I got my laptop, I don't even have to leave my couch to IMDB or Google anymore.  I have the world at my fingertips and if I lose my internet connection for 1.5 seconds you'd think someone shot my dog.  I'm so spoiled to my DVR that I try to fast-forward everything I watch, even the non-DVRed ones. I pitch a little hissy fit over that, too.

What has become of me?


Leiah said...

I'm so used to listening to satellite radio that when I'm in someone else's car I find myself looking at the display to see what the name of the song is and when I realize it's not satellite drives me batcrap crazy.

Also, I'm so with you on the frozen dinner thing. I hate the ones that say "cook for 2 mins, stir then cook for 4 more mins." I always get pissed off and say screw it, I'm cooking it for 6 straight mins.

Small Town Girl said...

I'm the same. If I realize that I've left the house without my cell, I go from normal (or what I call normal) to panic mode in .0000023 seconds. Then I remember that at one time I did drive without a cell phone and no one could reach me and I didn't get in a wreck and the world didn't end. I probably paid more attention to the road back then.

LoneStarLass said...

Oh, yeah! I'm so spoiled to my new mobile broadband, that when Mr. LoneStarLass actually suggested keeping our antiquated dial-up service (as an emergency backup), I believe I said something quite Un-Grandma-like! (He hasn't brought the subject up again.)

Regular radio on long trips went out long ago with my iPod iTrip. My songs, my playlist, and no annoying commercials.

But don't be too hard on the check-writing lady. That could have been me! I'm trying hard to get rid of my old failed-and-bought-out bank's old checks so my new bank will send me pretty new ones. I only used 2 checks a month, so I'm writing them like crazy everywhere so I can re-order. Not using my shiny new debit/check card unless I'm in a hurry!

Lorna said...

You need some OMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM!! ...or...
Live in the moment; tomorrow is built on it.

Katie said...

Aunt Honey! I wanna see pictures from the crawfish boil since I missed it! Did you take any pictures??

Grimm said...

What really gets me on those Swedish meatball meals is the fact you have to cook them at 50% power. So what would be wrong with 4 1/2 minutes at full power?!?