Saturday, May 23, 2009

I love Sonic, but...damn.

Sonic girl: Welcome to Sonic, what would you like today?

Me: Medium mango limeade, small caramel iced latte, small tater tots, bacon bistro sandwich.

Sonic girl: What was that first thing you said?

Me: Medium Mango Limeade.

Sonic girl: ((nothing))

Me: Hello?

Sonic girl: Okay.

Me: Did you get the bistro sandwich and the rest of the order?

Sonic girl: What else did you want?

Me: Medium mango limeade...

Sonic girl: Okay...

Me: Small caramel iced latte...

Sonic girl: Okay...

Me: Small tater tots...

Sonic girl: Okay...

Me: Bacon bistro sandwich.

Sonic girl: Okay...

Me: That's all.

Sonic girl: Okay. Medium Mango LEMONADE, bacon breakfast BURRITO, iced wanted caramel right?

Me: Mango LIMEADE, bacon breakfast BISTRO...not burrito...caramel iced latte and tater tots.

Sonic girl: Okay. Medium Mango LEMONADE, bacon breakfast bistro sandwich, iced latte...caramel?... and tater tots.

Inside my head: NO!!! Mango LIMEADE!!! LIMEADE GOTDAMMIT!!! LIMEADE!!!!!!!!

Me to Sonic girl: Yeah. That's it.

Inside my head: Fuck it.

Aren't you curious about what I actually got when the girl brought my order? I got a small order of tater tots, mango limeade (!!!!), bacon bistro sandwich and a HOT latte, three straws, three packets of catsup, no napkins and no peppermint.

I started to ask the carhop why I would drink a HOT latte with one of the various straws she brought me, but instead just told her that I had ordered an ICED latte and not a HOT latte. She said, "Okay, they're the same price. I'll just go back in and get you the iced latte instead of the hot." She was very nice about the whole thing, but I had the feeling she thought I was confused.

Yeah, I was the confused one.


Lorna said...

Well, I'm glad you confessed.

Lorna said...

And B) I have never, never been to Sonic

Steve said...

Being a fan of Sonic, but rarely having their breakfast, I had to Google "Bacon Bistro" to find out what it was. Sadly, the first thing that came up was the nutritional information for it. Are you feeling okay? I sure hope you didn't salt that sucker; or anything else you ate this week.

BTW - your blog was Google hit #3!