Friday, May 08, 2009

The "Fun" Continues

Monday, I did a post about a chaotic hour I had after I left the office. Part of my problem was that my debit card wouldn't work.

I went to my bank Wednesday and the girl there had no problem with my card. She ran every test she could including going out to the ATM machine and trying it herself. I had tried the ATM machine ten minutes before she did and my card wouldn't work. For her, no problem.

I went back out to the ATM machine and, at first, my card wouldn't work. On my second attempt...MONEY!

Last night, I went to Hallmark and tried to use my debit card. Wouldn't work. I told them about my problem Monday and she said that the problem Monday was with the Pulse network and not a Hallmark problem. This was a Hallmark problem. I dug to the bottom of my purse, dusted the cobwebs off my checkbook and wrote a check...something I haven't done in months.

I left Hallmark, drove across the parking lot to Popeye's and was confronted with a sign that read, "Cash or checks, please. Credit card machine not working." WTF?! I placed my order and drove up to the window and told the girl about my trouble at Hallmark and suggested it might be the same problem. She said, "No, the machine up front works fine. It's only at the drive-thru."

I'll be helping Cory and Jamie move this weekend, so I'm not sure when my next post will be. That post will be about retrogrades. You can read ahead and do your homework in preparation for that post by clicking here. A friend told me about mercury retrogrades about fifteen years ago and I'm telling you, it's not my imagination. During a mercury retrograde, things tend to go to s-h-i-t.

Oh, yeah. The voice mail at my office quit working yesterday afternoon.


Lorna said...

Try not to buy anything this weekend.

jen said...

My parents' computer died, their truck engine is having issues, and their phones keep glitching. :/ Retrogrades SUCK!