Saturday, March 21, 2009

Billy Bob canceled, Simple Logic rocked and Back in Black gets a nit-picky review

Billy Bob Thornton decided to skip Beaumont at the last minute, which simplified my music choices last night. Scheduled to open for Billy Bob was one of my favorite local bands Simple Logic. They did not cancel. I've told you about these guys before (see previous post) and, once again, they put on a great show.

I can't find a website for Simple Logic, but according to the Logon Cafe website (which may or may not be correct), current members are:

Chris Kozlowski (drums)
Chuck Ferguson (guitar)
David Simon (guitar)
Tony Buagas (vocal, acoustic guitar)
Joel Schoening (keyboards)
Joe Boucher (bass)

You can see Simple Logic, and I highly recommend that you do, at the South Texas State Fair on Saturday, March 28 at noon and Wednesday, April 1 at 5:30 p.m.

Tony Buagas of Simple Logic

Now, for my nit-picky review of AC/DC tribute band Back in Black. I have a favorite AC/DC tribute band and their name is Hells Bells. As musicians, some would say that Back in Black is the superior band.

I, however, couldn't get past the fact that Back in Black's "Angus" was taller than "Bon/Brian." Not only was he tall, he was handsome in a Jim from The Office kind of way. That's just not right.

"Brian Johnson" and "Angus"


(Jim Halpert...right?)

"Angus" still being taller than "Brian"

"Brian" going all AC/DC on our asses


ms. e said...

The Angus guy has a handsomeness about him, but not as good as Jim Halpert! :)

Laurie said...

Ms. E - Nobody is as good as Jim Halpert. :)

Steve said...

You should have come to Courville's on Thursday for the Ginn Sisters. Not only did they show up and put on a great show; they were also exactly the right height. You would have loved it!

Lorna said...

Nothing wrong with Angus and being tall. However, when I come to Beaumont, I'm expecting a coffee at least with Jim Halpert.

Laurie said...

Steve - I'll try to catch them next time.

Lorna - Jim Halpert isn't at MY office, he's ON The Office...the television show. I would like to have coffee with him, too.

George said...

ZZ Top opened for Billy Bob Thornton at Billy Bob's in Fort Worth . . . blew him away. Wish I could've been there.

Laurie said...

George - I bet that was wild!