Sunday, November 02, 2008

Slideshows: Halloween and More Katie Bear


Just a Plane Ride Away said...

That is the prettiest ballerina I've ever seen. Love the legwarmers!!

And oh my! That is quite a new look for you ;-)

George said...

How come you get to have all the fun? Although I think there's probably a Mary Kay consultant who can help you keep that lipstick straight.

Laurie said...

Just - Thank you for Ms. Ava and the morning-after look seems to work for me. :)

George - Ah, Mary Kay. Never thought of that. :)

Queen of Quite A Lot said...

I'm telling Sandy, Julie & Anne that I've been friends with the wrong cousin all these years.

I have my own Katiebug...aren't they they best?

Susan in St. Paul said...

That Ava sure is a cutie!

Nice costume Laurie!

Laurie said...

Queen - Hahahaha!! Thanks. Yes, Katiebugs are amazing.

Susan - Thanks. :)