Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Scientists Use Pig Bladder to Regrow Man's Fingertip

On the news the other night, I saw an amazing story about doctors who used a powder made from pig bladders to regrow a guy's fingertip. It regrew his fingertip...fingernail and all...IN FOUR WEEKS. What the hell?

He joked and said that,while the rest of his body is 68 years old, his fingertip is 2 years old. Even though I'm a bit concerned about a possible future shortage of pork if this thing catches on, I have hopes that one day, some pig bladder wielding doctor will sand down my face, sprinkle magic pig bladder dust all over it and I'll have soft, peachy baby's behind skin staring back at me from my triple magnified lighted makeup mirror.

I guess I can sacrifice some of my BLTs and pulled pork BBQ sandwiches in the name of science. I wonder if John Wayne Bobbitt is already standing outside a clinic somewhere begging for a brand spanking new pig bladder induced penis.

Since you stopped by, here's an extra little treat for you. Pop over to this site for the recipe for a Pork Martini.


Leon J. de la Garza said...

well whaddayaknow...
seems like the only thing we don't use from pork is its milk... which i have to say, doesn't sound appealing at all..

se7en said...

Al I can say is ewwwww LOL

But very informative!!

Anonymous said...

Hitler. The Island of Dr. Moreau.

Where am I? Is this the real me?

Laurie said...

Leon - Ew, that doesn't sound appealing. No, it doesn't.

Se7en - I always attempt informativity.

Abshid2 - I don't even know who I am.