Sunday, February 24, 2008

Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Your Zip Code

I can't remember how I found this website, but I think it's fascinating. It's called Type in your zip code and prepare to be amazed.

Some information about my zip code:

  • 18 registered sex offenders live here

  • charitable contribution deductions $4,964

  • "likely" homosexual households: gay men 0.2%, lesbian 0.4%

  • median number of rooms in houses or condos 5.9


George said...

That post-50 downhill slide for ages is kind of scare, but I love the 10-15 minute commute.

You must have a standing invitation for all your friends' parties as the conversation starter. Where do you get all this stuff?

TexasGal said...

That is too cool! I couldn't use my zip from over here but I tried it on my old one in Katy, TX. I'll have to bookmark that site.

Just a Plane Ride Away said...

Wow, all you ever wanted to know and more! I plugged in my old Texas zip too, since I'm in the UK.

Grimm said...

I am totally scared now.

We are considered rich in my town according to this site.

So, in my neck of the woods - I am the richest poor person.

Lorna said...

What I wanted to know about my zip code (if I had one rather than a Postal Code) would be why Johnny Depp didn't live in it and what were the chances he might, then become single? Or maybe, just bored.

Laurie said...

Everybody - Pretty cool, huh?

Alyson said...

Thanks for the link! That was cool. Luckily, there are no registered sex offenders in my zip code!

Anonymous said...

Here is the strangest thing about my zip code. One of the 39 (!!!)sex offenders in my area (this guy was convicted of oral sexual battery) lives at: 1319 Boney Drive.

No further comment necessary.

Leon J. de la Garza said...

unfortunately i have no use for it..

i haven't been around too much lately.. a little busy..
but just a little..

anyway. be welL!

Laurie said...

Alyson - You are very lucky!


Leon - You be well, too!