Saturday, February 11, 2012

Tommy Jordan Video Dad is an Ass

I'm glad this idiot and his daughter made up (according to this update). Almost all of my friends and family think this guy did the right thing. I think his daughter is the way she is, because he is the way he is.

Serve him coffee? Mess up the floor she just cleaned and not apologize or, god forbid, clean it up yourself? Why is she making the bed in the guest room? Who slept there that they can't make up their own damn bed? Ground her for THREE months? He's an ass.

Teach her a lesson about the value of things by destroying a computer?

Her mistake was putting in writing the things that teenagers have said to their friends throughout eternity. I'm sure she'll turn out just fine and she'll raise her kids in the same obnoxious, domineering way that this guy raised her.

Whatever works for them, I guess. It seems to have all worked out fine...until the next outburst...from both of them.


Anonymous said...

Keep in mind that we haven't heard from the daughter at all. This guy is a whackjob psycho. Of course he's going to gloss over the fall-out and refuse any interviews. He's in control isn't he (I mean, that's the whole point, isn't it -- to show who's in control?). This is not tough love because tough love shows tough AND love. This guy just shows whackjob, no love in sight. Poor girl. Hope she leaves and never looks back. Betcha the stepmother is a real piece of work, too.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps you need to do your homework - he did do one interview and the results can be found online. It answers a lot of questions. Plus, sorry to burst your bubbles, kids can be rotten, or just make horrible choices, no matter how they're raised. And vice versa...not all families are as perfect as yours must be. Matter of fact - most aren't at all! You know why I can make these comments? Because I raised a teenage daughter. Not even sure those that haven't have a right to make "wacko" comments. Not sure if either of you have one, but....
After reading his FB posts, and the one and only interview he says he'll ever do...this guy has more smarts, and definitely more common sense than some I know. That goes doubly for those I've seen make idiotic assumptions about the video in the first place.