Tuesday, October 05, 2010

My Superficial Review of the New Television Season

As you will see below, I'm not impressed.  I haven't watched all of the new shows, but half of them I started to watch all began with some sort of dead body, so I changed the channel.  I'm not even kidding about that.  I wish I was.

Blue Bloods -
Yes.  Anything with Donnie Wahlberg gets a shot with me and ten points extra credit.

The Defenders -
Yes.  Las Vegas, Jim Belushi and Jerry O'Connell?  What's not to like?  Lots.  I like it anyway.

Hawaii Five-O -
No.  Too much testosterone.  Not that it's not quite nice testesterone.  I just prefer my testosterone to be mixed with a huge infusion of intelligence.  If a chase scene lasts more than ten seconds, I lose interest.  Too many chase scenes.  Too many explosions.

Mike and Molly -
No.  I like Mike and his partner and I like Molly.  Swoosie Kurtz and Molly's sister are annoying.

Sh*t My Dad Says -
No.  The book is hilarious and you should buy it immediately.  This show is more mean spirited than clever.  My family is full of dads like the one in the book and there are ways to be crass and always say almost the right thing that always comes out wrong without also appearing to be a jerk.  Maybe the mistake was casting William Shatner (who I love) as the dad.  Someone equally cranky, yet softer than Shatner (Bob Newhart-ish?) would have been a better choice.

Raising Hope -
No.  I couldn't watch ten minutes of this one.  (Sorry, Kara...Kara is my cousin and loves this one.)  It bugged the crap out of me.

Oursourced -
No.  I have no idea how this premise made it past the first network executive, let alone into primetime. 


LoneStarLass said...

Totally agree with you Laurie on "S**t My Dad Says" and Outsourced (which I listening to while I sewed being spared the actual horror of watching it).

I read SMDS and gave it to Jen to read. She loved it. We both agree that the tv son is not what we envisioned while reading it. Shatner is in a league of his own, but somehow this just doesn't work.

My can't miss shows are "Glee" and "The Middle". "The Middle" is a true gem of a show with great writing and funny, quirky characters, but I'm afraid I'll get attached then it'll be canceled!

Jill said...

Yeah, I like Blue Bloods - I like Tom Selleck...5-0 is ok, but I still like the original better. Besides it's on opposite Caatle which I love. Dad -eh not top on my list. I do like Molly etc - thought it would be worse -ok to me. I still have to go with Big Bang, CSI, Dancing. When it's on I like Friday night lights. I do like the Defenders too.