Sunday, May 16, 2010

Things You Should Do

You should go to Major League Grill in Beaumont.
(4430 Dowlen Road - near Steinmart, 409-898-7500)

You should go to The Hub on Crockett Street.
(My friend Andrew is now the manager.)

You should see Shawn Pittman if he is playing anywhere near you.

You should have friends like Patty and Doug and Art and Richard and family like mom and Terry and Dan and Bonnie and Katie and Chloe and Steve to hang out with.

You should be very jealous of me.

Terry and Chloe

Terry and Katie

Terry and Dan


Shawn Pittman

Laurie and Richard

Laurie and Art


Susan in St. Paul said...

and you should come to CONvergence!

Laurie said...

I should do that, but I need to build my vacation back up. Hope springs eternal! Maybe 2011 will be the year.

Grimm said...

Well considering I cannot do any of the former in the near future, I feel that I must settle for being very, very jealous of you.