Sunday, January 10, 2010

Things I Learned About Football This Week

* I don't hate all football announcers...only the loud, obnoxious ones who insist on constantly restating the obvious.

* Female sports announcers are annoying.

* I forgot that I do like to watch football.

* Football is beautiful on my HD television.

* Those "The Wolfman" commercials are freaking me out.

* Football if more fun to watch if a Texas team is playing.

* I'm surprised some television commercials still refer to the Cowboys as "America's Team." Doesn't that piss non-Dallas fans off? Seems like it would.

* While reading Facebook comments, I notice that a lot of people randomly hate this team or that team. How does that happen?

* I like football player pants. Well, maybe it's not JUST the pants.

* I love this guy...

*Keith Brooking video*

1 comment:

Jennifer said...

I LOVE Keith Brooking!!! and I LOVE football! I hate to sit and listen to Troy Aikman even though I loved him as a football player. He needs to give up the commentator job...he SUCKS at it!!! Love you Laurie!!