Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Shut up Jane, I'm With Coco

I was just watching Headline News (known as "HLN" now for some unknown ridiculous marketing reason) and there was a woman on there (Jane something?) complaining about the rallies and ruckus and enthusiasm of the Jay Leno/Conan O'Brien/Jimmy Fallon fans.

Her problem with the whole business is that, in her opinion, people should be rallying and ruckusing and enthusing about more important things. Their energy, she whined, should be directed to women's rights! and Haiti! and healthcare!

I have two words for her: (1) shut, (2) up.

Wait. I have three more words for her: (1) leave, (2) people, (3) alone.

We're all aware of women's rights and Haiti and healthcare. That's why we're enjoying the hell out of the late night drama. It's harmless, it takes our minds off of the important stuff for a while, these guys are millionaires so they aren't going to starve and it's just plain fun...and funny. The monologues on these shows the last two weeks have been hilarious as they both skewer "The Man" in the form of the evil NBC.

So lady, Jane whatever-your-name-is, shut up and leave people alone.

Edited to add:
I looked it up. The bitchy woman's name is Jane Velez-Mitchell. Don't watch her show. She's cranky.


Steve said...

I have two more words for Jane. I'll just call them (1a) and (1b).

Lorna said...

I am cranky too.

Anonymous said...

"Jane, you ignorant slut." Did I spell ignorant correctly? Poodles

Aisha said...

Laurie, hi! Aisha here, glad to see oyu are still blogging.
Amidst all the tragedy that is life, I wanted to remind you of Lent. Have to check out when it is, but NUNS will do No Unnecessary Needless Shopping then for sure. Deal?


Chef Bill said...

Right on, Laurie. I hate it when people require absolute seriousness and gravitas all the time. Reminds me of those old library matrons.

By the way, this is your old pal Comfort Addict in disguise. I hope that you'll check out my new place, Bill of Fare.

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