Thursday, January 29, 2009

What will we drink?!

Our office doesn't have water coolers, but we are furnished free bottled water. The refrigerator has a filter on it and so does the sink. My water pitcher at home also has a filter.

Occasionally, we run out of bottled water at work which was a temporary cause for alarm recently. I say temporary, because as Carly and I were wondering what we were going to drink since we were out of bottled water, we remembered that the sink had a water filter.

Then, we started talking about how spoiled we've become water-wise. We pondered how much salty, possibly polluted beach water and urine tainted swimming pool water we've swallowed in our lives, mostly unintentionally.

We reminisced about hot summer days drinking water out of the water hose, after it had been lying in the grass among the creepy crawlies. We also found that we shared a favorite childhood bath time activity...sucking on the wet washcloth.

Gosh. I haven't done that in weeks.


Rebecca Hickman said...

You are hilarious!!!

Susan in St. Paul said...

That imagine of the washcloth sucking pushed me right over the edge, I am SO glad I wasn't drinking anything.

Steve said...

When I was young and went to visit my great grandparents, we drank water from a hole in the ground!!! Can you believe it? A bucket lowered into the hole on a rope and pulley system and we used a metal ladle to drink from the bucket. One ladle for everybody! I'm surprised I'm not dead. People are such wussies these days.

Lorna said...

God girl, there's always margaritas!

Laurie said...

Rebecca and Susan - :)

Steve - My great-grandparents in Louisiana had water out of a cistern and everyone used the same tin cup. I NEVER drank any water when we were there.

Lorna - Yes!