Thursday, November 18, 2010

This and That

There is a big difference between the "popcorn" button on the microwave and the "potato" button on the microwave.  A big, smell-up-the house, burnt-to-a-crisp difference.  Pee-yew!  I pushed the "potato" button instead of the "popcorn" button two hours ago and it still stinks in here.

The top part of the head of my electric toothbrush broke while I was brushing my teeth yesterday morning.  It broke in my mouth.  While I was brushing my teeth.  It was the exact same size as a molar, so I thought I had spontaneously lost a tooth while doing nothing more than a little vigorous tooth brushing.  Yeah, I freaked out.

The key that opens the office door will not open the office mailbox which is in the lobby where people will walk past as you try the key in several different mailboxes because you think maybe you forgot which mailbox is the office mailbox and you will wonder for the rest of the day if people thought you were trying to steal mail.

I accidentally bought 2% milk instead of my usual non-fat milk and I feel like I've been drinking milk shakes all week.

I got an e-mail about Domino's "NEW SPECIALTY PIZZA !!!!" and was thoroughly disappointed when I opened the e-mail and found out it is a six CHEESE pizza.  No meat?  Doesn't sound very special to me.

Do you want to confuse the person taking your order at the fast food drive-thru?  Any fast food drive-thru?  You know how the drive-thru person annoyingly asks you if you want whatever the special-of-the-day is, before you've even had a chance to decide what you want?  Next time they ask, "Would you like to try our new burger bites!?" or "Would you like to try Popeye's new chicken gizzards!?" or "Would you like to order the Family Pack tonight?!", just say, "Yes."  No matter what they offer, say yes.  I did that the other night when the girl at Popeye's asked if I wanted the "Fried Crawfish Tackle Box" and the poor girl was stunned into silence.  Try it.  It totally freaks them out.

(Comes with biscuit and a side.  Delicious!)


Susan in St. Paul said...

How did the tackle box taste?

Laurie said...


Lorna said...

In Canada, being slavishly polite, the drive-thru greeter says "Thanks for coming to XXX. May i take your order?" Then they flabbergast you by taking the order, repeating the order, taking your money and giving you stuff you didn't ask for but are too polite to give back.

se7en said...

Microwave burnt popcorn smells particularly awful, a smell like no other and very hard to get rid of too. NASTY

Meat free pizza, how special! NOT. But 6 cheeses sounds pretty good lol

I like to hit Burger King for a breakfast biscuit some mornings, they always try to fix me up with the Gargantuan Ultimate More Than You Should Eat in Three Meals Breakfast plate. It looks tasty, overfilling and deadly all at once. No thanks!

Laurie said...

Lorna, Canada is so different (in a good way).

Se7en, right now that cheese pizza sounds sort of good to me, too.