Tuesday, September 14, 2010

More Senior Citizens

Other people who will qualify for their "Yeah, baby!" discount this year...

Steve Earle
Rowan Atkinson
Christopher McDonald
Penn Jillette
Mick Mars
Chow Yun-Fat
Jimmy Smits
Bill Gates
Jane Kaczmarek
Kevin Costner
Eddie Van Halen
Angus Young
John Grisham
Arsenio Hall
Gilbert Gottfried
Jeff Daniels
Kelsey Grammer
Howard Jones
Steven Jobs
Dee Snider
Gary Sinise
Bruce Willis
Earl Campbell
Michael O'Keefe
Tom Bergeron
Olga Korbut
Debra Winger
Bill Paxton
Roseanne Cash
Dana Carvey
Sandra Bernhard
Julie Hagerty
Laurie Metcalf
David Alan Grier
Willem Dafoe
Billy Bob Thornton
Wayne Knight
Peter Gallagher
Nina Blackwood
Maria Shriver
Whoopi Goldberg
Howie Mandel
Billy Idol
Steven Wright


Lorna said...

Just please make sure Howie Mandel doesn't profit from this---I'm in with all the others! And where do you get this esoteric info?

Laurie said...

Google, of course. "born in 1955" Voila.